As we enter February, I wonder if winter is even going to hit this year.  Yes we have had some cold weather here and there but very little moisture.  The sun has been out for the last couple of days and temps near 60 has me thinking towards spring.  Now I know we still have time left for winter to hit, especially after last years late wet spring, but we must be prepared for what mother nature gives us. 
Now is a great time to be thinking about the garden and what our landscapes will look like in the spring.  A well planed attack on weeds and plantings pay back plenty as our neighbors and community admires our well reaped rewards.  Over the last week of working we have been planning our attack on our properties we maintain, thinking ahead gives us the advantage to keep our properties looking better than the neighbors and a smile on our customers face tells us it is worth it.
Weeds are starting to appear so a pre-emergent is necessary to keep them at a minimum.  If your interested please let us know how we can help you with this.   Have a great weekend!